Our Mission

The mission of IMAC is to become a cutting-edge organization, representing the Kindgom of God, bringing about spiritual, social, and economic transformation and renewal in the Greater Wilmington Community.

Strategic Initiatives

●Personal Transformation
Spiritual transformation of clergy and lay members through: Monthly Meeting Devotionals; Quarterly Workshops; Annual Retreats and Peer Counseling.

●The Application of Biblical Principles: Prayer Initiatives; Annual Worship Services; Annual City-Wide Revival; Day of Prayer and Fasting.

●Social Action and Economic Justice
Support and development of initiatives that address poverty, unemployment and housing disparities.

●Ecumenical Fellowship and Communication
Increase and improve participation and collaboration among churches and community organizations.

●Community Transformation/Educational Values
Develop excellence in the area of Public Relations between IMAC and the community and various constituencies we serve.

●Holistic Health & Wellness
Eliminate disease, health disparities and improve the quality of life through education, awareness and by addressing the social environmental factors that influence poor health.

●Ministering to our Youth
Reaching out to our youth. Transforming their lives through education and one on one contact.

Call to Action